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looking for best friend :)

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  • BornToNight
    started a topic looking for best friend :)

    looking for best friend :)

    Hi, everyone. I want to fiend best friend, because I don't have really good firends.

    I'm Vadim from Russia. 20 age.
    I do not smoke or drink alcohol. Without complexes, I SPEAK ALL DIRECTLY! Programmer. I have youtube channel (Let's play horror games),
    atheist, not stupid, vulgar (it's just to let me know that I'm not a nun: D) and child-free I love to write a smile "".

    Hobbies & Interests
    Vape, dota 2, chatting, girls, since , programmin, mems, Esperanto, YouTube

    What is important to me in you:
    1. Openness and fidelity.
    2. Thirst for knowledge.

    In order to:
    1. Play online video-games
    2. Talking in Skype/discord or orther program
    Search for a common goal.

    It is very desirable that there should be common interests! If you do not get communication, then do not be scared.
    btw, 12-20 August I will be in Turkey

    Write me private message. I wait
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  • PenguinOverlord
    I'm down to be your friend!

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  • David-7
    wow I live in the USA, I share many of the things you like; small world.

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  • Riaulfahp
    hey, can we be friends?

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  • mbadjie1995
    here i am i also need friends

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