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    Read before Posting: Forum Rules

    Forum Rules

    Below are the Forum Rules to which these forums will be moderated. Please note, these can change at anytime without notice so check back often.

    1. Topics that are not posted in the appropriate section will be MOVED to their appropriate section. So, if you post a topic, and for some reason it isn't showing up where you posted it, do a search for your topic before reposting.
    2. Any duplicate postings will be deleted. We will leave the one with the most comments and delete the other one(s).
    3. Any overtly sexual talk will be deleted (depending on the context it's used.) If it's vile, gross, and serves no purpose to anyone and/or does not have any knowledgeable information, it will be gone.
    4. Swearing on the forums is not permitted
    5. Please look at the Date the topic was started before adding a reply. Replying to Dead Topics is called "NecroPosting" and doesn't really help anyone, so those topics will be deleted UNLESS you contribute something useful to the topic.
    6. Penpal requests go in your profile, keep them off the forums otherwise the topic(s) will be deleted. The ONLY exception to this is the "Introduction forum" .
    7. "Rate me" posts, ie posts that only direct people to your profile/pictures, or posts that wish other users to rate you - will be deleted or locked. You can put these on your profile, but keep them off the forums.
    8. Do not post topics asking for help to find specific people. This is a breach of privacy and will be deleted asap.
    9. Topics that are only made to bother, degrade, or harass users will be deleted.
    10. Do not Copy and Paste entire articles. You can give your opinion about something and add a link to an article, however any topics I see with an entire article that was copied and pasted will be deleted, locked, or edited.
    11. Keep flaming to a minimal. Any topic/post with too much useless flaming will be locked or deleted.
    12. Any post with no specific topic (eg. Posts that say "I'm bored") do not contribute to Interpals and therefore will be deleted. This includes posts that do not promote any discussion (posts that just link to a video or other site).
    13. Advertising/spamming is not permitted on the forums.
    14. Do not post on the forums regarding flagged accounts. If your account was flagged for misbehaviour a moderator will review your account and take necessary action. Flagged accounts cannot post on walls, pictures or send private messages.
    15. Do not post on the forums regarding issues with other members or staff. Instead use the "Report to Moderator" buttons or the contact form (

    Any violations to these rules can result in your topic(s) being locked, deleted, or moved. Additionally, if the rules are repeatedly broken you may be banned from Interpals without notice. In addition to these rules, you must also follow the Terms of Service ( at all times on Interpals.