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Unfinished business in your life

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  • Unfinished business in your life

    What things do you feel you need to do in this life,which you have planned or just dreamed to do but haven`t completed yet?What makes you get up every day?
    As for me,I have guite a lot of things I haven`t done I would like to,which I think important in any person`s life,It seems I haven`t lived at all,and this makes me wake up every day)

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    Hey, there!
    well, it looks like you are cheating Iceulu, 'cause you're asking a question to which you're not giving an answer yourself. (((((Sure, everyone has a thing (or even quite a lot of them) that's been planned to be done but isn't.
    Actually, according to dzen philosophy, if a person doesn't have anything to complete or anything to achieve, he/she dies to get another birth. Or, and we shall keep it in our minds, he/she is a Saint.))))))))