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Hi to all dog lovers here! :)

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  • Hi to all dog lovers here! :)

    I'm a momma of two white aspin (that's what they call Filipino dogs). My eldest is 10years old. She's my first dog, that makes me a 10-year dog lover. Yes, because she woke up the dog lover in me. I was never like this before. Until I decided to keep her.

    Please share your story and/or anything about your dogs

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    Hi, I am an animal lover too. I have three King Charles Spaniels. Alfie is my oldest and he will be 10 this year. I also have two 1 year olds called Zuzu and Boo Radley. I have a cat as well called Charlie who is 8 this year.

    I have grown up with animals so I have always owned dogs and really couldn’t imagine not having an animal at home.


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      I have always had dogs since I was a kid. They are unlike other animals because can bond with humans very well and become part of the family and protect family members. My dog saved me a few years back when I encountered a bear with cub in the worlds. I love the outdoors and exploring woods and I feel a lot more comfortable taking my dogs with me.


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        I grew up with dogs, now I have one for my own. Her name is Sheila and I want to take her on hikes with me. I hope to one day afford a home with a backyard for her. Something to work forward to.