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I wonder : What are your deepest thoughts about life?

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  • I wonder : What are your deepest thoughts about life?

    Hi, I'm Wolfgang. I don't come here often but I have a lot of questions. What have you learned about life?
    I'll start : I'm 35 in a month, and it feels like I have still a lot to learn. But up untill today I have learned that compassion is one of the greatest force in life. And it is rewarding in ways I have never imagined. So I'd say that life, with all its lessons, has led me to think that the love I have for my surroundings is meant to be enlarged. I don't know how to say it otherwise, but it feels like there is more to life than what we see of it. That our feelings are meant to be shared, that truth is meant to be spread. Joy, love, tenderness, kindness. Those are the things that make it all worth living a life.
    What do you feel?

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    Freedom and dignity,Through efforts to achieve a state of life that does not depend on business institutions and power.


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      My friends, I want to add that, no matter where we come from, our religion, culture, the language we speak or the color of our skin, we have similar results in life (although we could have different perceptions). For example, when we are kids, everything seems to be possible and getting friends is more than normal. (Kids usually don’t want to share their stuffs with the other people.)

      Than, we turn into young people and believe we can change the world and be as populars as a rockstar, and we start to worry about what the other people can think and say about us. After that, we realise that the time has flown and no one is as important as our priorities (Getting some Money to pay the bills/ keeping the job etc.). In this stage, we can count on one hand how much friends we think we have.
      For last, one can see that its time was wasted by useless choices and wrong priorities and it’s too late to solve the mistakes from the past. The babies has grown-up and have their own lives now, repeating the same way of life as us. We are ill and alone, and only the good things we did can comfort us.

      (Everyday we have a new chance to do the right thing!)


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        I want to excel is buisness health family life friendships self fulfilments etc.


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          If it is one cosmic understanding I can provide is....Lies, Fairy Tales and Fallacies. Seek understanding in all and always allow room for discussion. You will be surprised in what either people can say or what the universe can say.


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            That our feelings are meant to be shared.