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  • Starting Over

    Has anyone relocated to a new city or country to start over your life?
    Is that a crazy thing to do in your 30s?
    If you've done it, please share your experience in moving, finding a job, making new friends, staying in touch with family, etc.

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    I did in november 2015...i moved to a small village to get different atmosphere...actually it was called "run away" or may be "stay away"
    I always moved because of my job but it never became to stay away from some family and on 2015 it was the worst thing i felt in my life..
    I couldnt handle the upset things, felt that i was alone...
    I chose a small village where my grand ma's house is over there.. i was quit from my job and stayed over there...i tried many efforts to get money..sold sweet sauce, batik linen, cakes, diecast but it didnt work well..finally i saw the neighbour got bankrupt from his home appliance business, i saw my saving money, i tried to find some lamp salesman and electrical salesman and i open my electrical shop a day after my neighbour closed his was just a funny, i didnt know at all about electrical but i sell the stuffs..i wrote everything and made a run well because some neighbour's consumens came to me and i still sell batik linen also to make extra money and then i sell home appliances, polytron brands to start to sell home appliances stuffs...

    now i can sell some, panasonic, polytron, sanken,etc..
    Sales will give the stuffs first and i will pay it on 30 days after the stuffs coming that makes me can manage the payment..
    I dont have any problem to make friends with neighbours and of my family help me to handle my business when i tried to get some projects...