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    Originally posted by RRicho View Post
    Hey Chards, Joe is a sheila mate, the name confused me ( I know, I know... I'm always confused) ... so I had a sticky ... let's not let this one fade away.

    I wonder what Joe is short for ... my guess is Josephene.

    Hang in here Joe, we're a nice bunch full of tongue in cheek comments (nonsense ... well me and Chardie ... but then when I think about it, it's the rest of them also ) .... we just get a bit lazy on the responses sometimes, we try not to get too serious and leave that to the rest of the forum.
    Ha ha ha ha ha.....Oh Richo! Hi and thanks. You are 100% correct with a bonus! Full name is Josephine. Yes I like it here.....very comfortable with the 40s&above. Otherwise let's push on.


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      My mother's name was Josephine, my father called her Josie, so until much later I didn't realize her name was Josephine .... nice name.


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        So no singing a Jimi Hendrix tune about a gun and going down to Mexico?