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Anyone with Rheumatoid Arthritis?

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  • Anyone with Rheumatoid Arthritis?

    I was diagnosed for RA when I'm about 14, but most of the time it's in remission. Just get some flares from time to time, but most of the time I don't take any medication and just have activity as usual. I just took some diclofenac and have some rest when I'm in pain for few days and it's gone.

    But the last few years (2 or 3 years maybe), it's getting more often and I have problem at some joints which don't go, some dry eye, etc. Usually it's gone after few days of rest and diclofenac, but now it's not.

    I don't have any problem with daily activity though, the pain isn't so much that it prevent me from working, etc. Just some discomfort, annoying that's all.

    Anyone here have experience of growing old with RA? What do you think about Methotrexate? I read it on internet and thinking about giving it a try.

    PS: I'm too lazy to go to a doctor, lol.

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    Taking advice from the armchair experts on the net isn't such a good idea ....
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      Probably not, but I'm looking for people who have experience with methotrexate. Is there any problem after they're taking it. But you're right, probably it's not a good idea. I read from many resource (in internet, yea yea) and decided to give it a try. A small dose, without doctor's prescription, should be safe from what I read. Another bad idea, I guess.


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        Methotrexate shouldn't be taken with anyone with lung issues, smokers or those that are not in decent health to begin with. Yes there is alot of information on the internet about the drug with pros and cons from many people, but your own body chemistry may or may not like the medication. With RA you should be under a doctor's care and take your questions to them. Even supplements have their downsides and can be dangerous for some people. So what works for one person is great.. for that person. What works for you may be totally different. Speaking with a doctor about making sure you do not sustain joint damage from RA and what meds to take to accomplish that would be the best route to take.


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          Thanks, I should go to doctor. You all are right.

          Anyway, I don't smoke. I don't drink alcohol. Most of the time, I don't easily get cold or problem with food poisoning, things like that.

          About joint damage, actually that's what I'm worry about. I have one finger that's in pain whenever I put a bit pressure on it. I can move it around just fine. I have one toe, that (I just found out) can't bent at all. I know I should go to doctor, but I really don't want to do it. Maybe I'll do it at the end, but still not sure for now. In my 20something, I go to doctor and got fed up, because I have to go to the doctor at least once in a month (starting from once a week, to once per two week, etc). Got my blood check every time and all the pills. At the same time I look at my friends and people around my age, it's quite depressing.

          Psychologically, I feel better when I stop seeing the doctor. Although probably physically not, but I feel much better when I'm not dependent to anyone or to any drug. Maybe I'll regret this later, but at least for now, I think that's how I feel.