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Grieving the loss

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  • Grieving the loss

    Can somebody to share their feelings about a loss of loved one ?

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    First of all, I'm sorry for your loss, nothing can fill the space that the loved ones left.
    I've experienced that for my father and followed with friends, It was so hard, i was about to lose my faith, the only grieve to me was knowing that this life is just a test, a journey,
    nothing more and I have to stay strong for myself, to submit to the only absolute God, and wishing to meet them after I die too.

    Life is meant to end and they're not actually dead, they're a life in my heart which, in my talks, in my thoughts and my actions, I always smile and cry when i walk in the places we've been to, use words and advice they told me and be very happy doing it. I even wear my father's glasses to show him the places I've traveled to as if he's here, I even did show him the first girl I loved. he is here but in my heart and mind, the strength, power, and abilities i got from my friends I use it to help people as much as i can it's not all mine but they have part of it.

    Don't hold your sadness and cry but don't go deeper because they want you to stand up and they'll enjoy seeing you doing good for just remembering them.


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      When my mom passed away about 2.5 years ago, I cried very little as she was already in hospice We said our goodbyes while she was in their care, and cried more then. After we got the call, we went to visit one last time and thanked her for all her motherly love she ever gave us. I use the song "Evening Falls" by Enya to think of what my mom would say to us if she was able.

      Treasure the memories, the love, and the laughs you shared. Cry if you need to as the heart feels heavy. And,may you find inner peace when you are ready.


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        Remembering the happy times makes it easier .... that's how I coped some 15 years ago when I lost my parents.