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10 things about yourself questionaire

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  • 1.Favorite color?
    green heh
    2. Favorite type of music?
    rock, metal, symphonic metal
    3. Favorite food?
    pOLiSH PiErOgI, pizza
    4. Favorite TV show or series.?
    5. Favorite animal?
    I think dogs are my soulbeasts. Or mice. Or penguins.
    6. Favorite drink?
    Tea and water only.
    7. Hobbies?
    Genetics! I would like to be genetic engineer, or to do something DIYbiology related
    8. Goals?
    Don't let the consumptionism eat me
    9. Why your on interpals?
    I find it funny, speaking in English. There is a gap in my life, and I want to full it with English conversations
    10. How would you describe yourself in one sentence?
    Been there, done that


    • 1. Favorite color?~Gray&Blue
      2. Favorite type of music?~Anything I can vibe with (PARTYNEXTDOOR)
      3. Favorite food?~NACHOS
      4. Favorite TV show or series.?~Shameless currently
      5. Favorite animal?~Wolves
      6. Favorite drink?~Milk and OJ
      7. Hobbies?~ I love to write and read...and binge watching netflix
      8. Goals?~To become an English teacher (I'm afraid of failing at life)
      9. Why your on interpals?~ I love meeting new people and learning new things (Im just scared to talk to people irl)
      10. How would you describe yourself in one sentence?~ Im a nurturer at heart but can be aggressive/mean when I have to be. I love nice people tho. (I know that was more than one sentence)