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"The meaning of life" and other talks

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  • "The meaning of life" and other talks

    Greetings from Adriana here.

    I know I'm not the only 18 year old in the world who questions herself about the meaning of life or tries to understand how the human mind works, but I wonder if there is someone else on this website that does the same think and would like to discuss about that. It would be pretty nice to have another point of view for once, especially coming from someone I'm not acquainted with, I think it would be interesting. So if you ever you feel like you want to share your points of view and discuss them with someone else, send me a message, it will be a pleasure to read it and answer.

    Have a nice day !
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    Interesting question indeed, this question can be answerd in many different ways because we are so different yet so much the same as all human beings.
    In my opinion the meaning of being here on this beautiful earth is to pay honour to god and to share the society.
    One is put here on this earth to do good for other humans, to be strong enough to ignore the evil and to explore the world god made for us.
    Get to know your soul is a very important thing when one knows his soul he/she can continue on its path to the next life.
    I think this life is mainly 'made' for use of evolving our soul, show respect to god and spread the word.
    I bet many people have a whole different opinion about this which is very good which means you took the time to think about the most important question of your life.


    from the Netherlands


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      Well Adriana, there really is no easy way to answer this question. This question has been debated by so many great people throughout history. But what I believe the meaning of life is? I believe the meaning in life is simply to just fulfill life. It could be to serve a god or to just make the world a better place. No matter what, we are still just specks of duct in the vast emptiness of the universe. Fulfilling our lives are simply meaningless, but we can never tell ourselves that or let ourselves believe it. If we do, then we will think that there is no point to exist. some people use religion as a scapegoat, to worship a god in hopes that one day, we will evolve from our feeble existence to a much higher plain of existence. While I cannot deny this, I can't say it is true either.

      Long story short, the meaning of life is to simply make a meaning of it.

      - Jacob


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        Meaning of life = fun, chilling, relax and dank memes