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Stupidest thing you did that you are proud of .

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  • Stupidest thing you did that you are proud of .

    I remember when i was 16 ,...i fought a gang of 4 seniors bcoz they thought i am easy to bully ,...they were teasing me and they thought that i will just back off ,...instead i punched one of them right on the face ,..and well ,...the fight went nasty .
    I still have a chipped tooth which was the result of a punch , but i dont mind it . Its sharp , hehe !!.
    So finally , friends came and we trampled those bullies off.
    And i made my name as the guy who don't tolerate shit.

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    I said one "extremist thing" loudly. Near that people(((((


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      A drunk man was teasing a girl at the bus station ,,they were so many people there but no one saying a thing ,, so very quietly i told him to stop bc that girl was younger than him also there was a public place and he was drunk as hell ,,and he pushed me at starting yelling but man i was taught not to tolerate anyone even a mosquito so very proudly i kicked his balls with all my streght,,thankfull god the bus came a lil bit later....haha