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What is the coolest place in your city?

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  • What is the coolest place in your city?

    Hey theree...!! I'm Azi, I wanna know what is the coolest place in your city, who knows we can meet there, ahaha.... please answer me if you have the coolest place in your city, okay? Let me tell you, in my opinion, the coolest place in my city, Surakarta, is Manahan stadium. You can do all kind of sports in there, walk with your friends, or just enjoy the frest air and eat some snacks, haha... I really like this place. It's very comfortable for have fun and rest

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    In the city I live in currently I'd say the coolest thing there is like this plaza place however, when I lived in Bloomington I used to go to The Mall Of America a lot. Its basically the largest mall in the US. It even has a roller coaster and rides inside ! By the way, Manahan Stadium sounds cool af. I'd love to go there myself w my buds.


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      lol my bedroom i live in straya so its pretty hot cunt


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        I live in a small village where there is nothing very special, but nearby there is a mountain with on top of it a lake