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  • Final Goodbye

    Better known as Greenbull here, I've made this thread to wave my last goodbye to anyone who cares. As you know, I haven't been posting a lot here since last year like I used to do before. This was solely because of the increasing bigotry,racism and hatred in this forum. If you deny this, you're lying to yourself. I tried to reconnect with people as much as I could, but they appear to be more influenced by few self-proclaimed prophets here who just like the religious leaders in the outside world are teaching people to be degenerate killers. I don't mind if you like me or hate me after reading this,but this is the truth. I feel sorry for myself that I couldn't help anyone. I don't know what will happen in future, but I'm certain that I'm never coming back to this website filled with these people and this ideology . If you want to do something, kindly help yourself.
    For people wondering why did I post here on this channel, this is my mother-tongue amd my identity.
    Jai Hind!

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    gone already??


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      I wonder what happened.


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        and the forum died, not all the Bollywood movies have happy endings