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What's your trick for speaking English or Thai fluently ?

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  • What's your trick for speaking English or Thai fluently ?

    Hi everyone this is my first post and hope someone will see, since I found that it's pretty quite here. I've been studied English at school. Now I'm still keep practicing mostly listening and speaking because I'm struggling with hearing different accent and stutter when i wanted to reply them. like at school they taught me mostly American English and mixed with British English for sometimes. So American sound will be easy to understand for me except they speak too fast then i won't understand. So back to the point how do you guys practicing English or Thai? What's the trick to make you improve real quick?

    If you really want to practice Thai language you can inbox me so we can add Line or Whatsapp

    Anyway feel free to share your experience. It might be useful for me and someone else who need more inspiration for practicing English or Thai.

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    Well you wrote this post, did you have help? I think its like perfect, you sound like your brain works in english, you did not convert it. So I would think you are very far. I think you need some skype friends. ( not me sorry ). What your problem might be is time zone difference. I find the farther people are apart, the harder it is to get together. I think you are like 10 hours away from the usa.

    The next problem you will have is cyber boyfriends.. jajajaj. Maybe you do not see that as a problem. But they will "offer" to help you, and then just want to talk dirty. So in the end you will not get any help at all, just frustration.

    Another problem is language exchange. its great when people want to learn EACH others languages. I try to teach english to spanish speakers, because I want to learn spanish. It might be very hard to find a person that wants to learn "Thai" ( sorry ).

    You need to listen to native speakers... music... tv.. internet. Mimic them. That will go along way. My students, we pick something to read. They read a line of the text, and then I read it, and then they read it again. We practice words over and over that they say with an accent. There are also websites that show you stories and then READ them do you.. so you can see the words and hear them too. That helps.

    Good luck. But really, you are doing GREAT!!!!!!

    dr. Darrell of Michigan.