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Is Hangul Grammar difficult?

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  • Is Hangul Grammar difficult?

    I am studying Hangul on my own because there are very few language courses that teach Korean where I am. I’m doing so mostly by watching videos online and speaking with people.

    Anyhow, I’d like to ask whether Hangul grammar is difficult? Since I’m studying by myself, will it take a very long time?
    Lastly, do you have any tips to make studying it easier/better?

    (PS: I started learning a few months ago but had to stop. I’ve basically started from scratch again because I forgot everything). T_T

    Thanks in advance x

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    Yes it is difficult, also for me, even native.
    I think using it frequently is most fast way to get it. Not only study.


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      I self studied Korean by myself for the first year of learning.
      First, learn vocabulary...I downloaded the app memrise and would use it everyday for 6 months.
      My Korean writing really improved when I found one or two good language exchange friends that I would write in Korean with everyday and have back and forth conversation.
      This helped me understand basic sentence structure and greetings. I started by learning the basic endings (present/past/future) and trying to make simple sentences with that. Then I worked on subject markers (은/는 이/가) and object markers (을/를).
      Once I was able to make basic sentences with those, if I wanted to make more complicated sentences I would search the grammar for what I wanted to say and try to use it as much as I could for that week.
      It really helps having good Korean language exchange friends that you can practice with and who will CORRECT your mistakes. Finding good language exchange friends who will EXPLAIN the grammar to you and correct your mistakes is REALLY REALLY hard to find.
      Good Luck


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        There is no grammar in 한글, since 한글 is just the set of alphabet used to write Korean.