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e-mail/internet penpals from Israel or gaming budy

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  • e-mail/internet penpals from Israel or gaming budy

    Hi sorry if that not the best place but dont know a better ? can se another person have luck with it :-).
    i are 27 guy from Denmark I have a handicap a thing there are like asperger's syndrome so got som special interests
    for me it Isreal don't know 100 % why but love the country. I are a political human I follow a lot of news I love the EU member of the danish party radical venster in Denmark it are a
    social Liberalism parti in Denmark. So when I have it good enough I debate on facebook or help with flyers with parliamentary election
    but sometimes it just to much because of my handicap but like to follow news or it are danish news or EU I also like to read the israeli engelsk news site to follow my special interest. I also have a lovely Cat Simba.
    I love movie and Tv shows and I are a little nerdy love VR and also play xbox and computer games and like to cook som good food when I got the energy . my writing languages are not the best in danish or engelsk the characters . , can I not get my head around.
    but if you will white whit me after you read all that you shall know just ask if I write something that doesn't makes sense I will try to rewrite it. I promost I will not be sad over it I know it from my danish :-) the reading part of danish and engelsk are no problem
    hmm what more can I say I know som from Israel get a lot of hate and trash massages I only get som scams massages ;-)
    but I have no problem with people with jews background if you was wondered. :-)

    but hey hope you will white me if you like to chat or maybe play som games girl boy not important
    just you are nice and dont kill me for my spelling and if I f..kt it total up just ask :-)