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The name 'Tirza' in Hebrew

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  • The name 'Tirza' in Hebrew

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for the hebrew writing of the name 'Tirza' (no 'h' at the end). Since my knowledge of the language is limited, I was hoping someone could help me explain some of the differences I find:

    If my search is correctly:

    - the name Tirzah (with the 'h' at the end) is written: תרצה (Wikipedia / Google translate)

    - the name of the city Tirzah is written: תִּרְצָה (Wikipedia)
    (why the extra's inside/underneath the letters?)

    - the name Tirza (without the 'h' at the end) is written: תירזה (Google translate)

    If I understand hebrew correctly, there is no difference in pronunciation of תרצה and תירזה correct? Much like there is no difference in Tirza compared to Tirzah (silent 'h').

    But can I also use תרצה for the name Tirza? Or does the hebrew imply that there is a written 'h' at the end in English, even when it's not pronounced?


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    Nice questions.

    First of all, in Hebrew orthography we use dots (called Niqqud) to represent vowels or distinguish between alternative pronunciations of letters.
    Most of the time people know how to read the words correctly so people don't use it so often. Its more common on hard text or unknown words.

    Tirzah (The city and the name) is written in Hebrew תִּרְצָה and its sounds Tirt'za.
    You can also write תרצה without the dots.
    תרצה it's also a verb conjugation of רוצה..
    רוצה means "I want" and תרצה means "you want.." its sounds difference from the name, and if you don't use the dots system people will probably understand from the connection.

    There is a different between תרצה and תירזה
    ז sounds like ze and צ sounds like t'za
    so תרזה is sounds like Tereza/sa..
    אמא תרזה=mother Teresa


    Hope I helped


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      I don't know Tirza in Hebrew -_- and I don't know more about Hebrew:|
      So, if Hebrew your mother tongue, I'm so welcome for you ;D


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        From the Hebrew name תִּרְצָה (Tirtzah) meaning "favourable". Tirzah is the name of one of the daughters of Zelophehad in the Old Testament. It also occurs in the Old Testament as a place name, the early residence of the kings of the northern kingdom.

        As a native Hebrew speaker I'm really not sure how "Tirzah" means favourable (also checked the dictionary and Wikipedia), though with alternate diacritics the word can be read as "Terazeh" (spelled the same), which literally means "(she) shall please". Hope this proves useful somehow.