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    I'd like to ask here to share experiences how is it to be gay, lesbian, trans and etc in Islamic country or being part of Muslim community. I'm posting it also in Arabic thread for obvious reasons of being able to be seen by those to whom I want ask these questions to. Share your personal stories if you feel okay to do so. I'm especially curious to hear from those who are not of commong gender identifications or sexual orientations and yet are Muslim, because that is one of the least shared type of story I've heard.

    Thank you to all those who will answer, I know it's not an easy subject.
    Edit: If you don't feel like discussing such things in open forum, I'd be glad to hear your thoughts in a private message, thank you sincerely yet again.

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    People can't easily declare their homosexuality in Muslim countries, talking about Jordan, my country, for instance. I have some LGBT friends which don't tell their families and the society in general. You can't walk in the street holding the hands of a same-sex person here.


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      I'll reply you with one phrase. " it's like hell "