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Vocabulary In News: Protecting People Against Dangers of Cigarettes

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  • Vocabulary In News: Protecting People Against Dangers of Cigarettes

    Halo semua,

    mau share nih metode belajar bahasa Inggris melalui Vocabulary in News. Metode ini berguna bagi gue, semoga berguna juga untuk teman-teman semua. ^^

    Forego (V)
    Arti: yang terdahulu, yang dulu, melewatkan, berhenti atau tidak melakukan hal yang disukai.
    Contoh: Keen skiers are happy to forego a summer holiday to go skiing.

    Intervention (N)
    Arti: campur tangan.
    Contoh: The intervention by UN troops prevented fighting from breaking out.

    Vigorous (Adj.)
    Arti: giat, hebat-hebatan, penuh semangat.
    Contoh: They will take vigorous action to recover the debts.

    Violated (V)
    Kata dasar: violate /?v???le?t/
    Arti: tidak menghormati, melanggar.

    Derivative (Adj.)
    Arti: turunan, bentukan, dikarang dari yang asli.
    Contoh: A lot of what you see in stand-up comedy today is very derivative.

    Substance (N)
    Arti: zat, zat kimia, bahan.
    Contoh: Surely they are only trying to discourage people from trying what is, after all, an illegal

    Twofold (Adv.)
    Arti: dua kali lipat.
    Contoh: twofold.

    Wean away (V)
    Arti: menjauhkan.
    Contoh: Parents should wean away their children from negative environment.

    Dissuade (V)
    Arti: menghalangi, melarang, meminta seseorang untuk tidak melakukan sesuatu.
    Contoh: I had, of course, tried to dissuade him, if only for his own safety, but he would have none of it.

    forego the habit should know that quitting smoking can be as difficult as giving up other types of drugs.

    Rarely does one hear of smokers who successfully stopped smoking on their own. On the other hand, a good treatment plan that addresses the physical and psychological aspects of addiction can go a long way in helping a smoker give up the habit for good.

    Hence, protecting the people from the dangers of cigarettes should continue to be strengthened without any intervention from the interests of the tobacco industry.

    In fact, Jakarta Citizen Forum (FAKTA) Chairman, Azas Tigor Nainggolan, stated that the Indonesian government`s efforts to protect people from the dangers of cigarettes are still not strong, because of the intervention vigorous violatedderivative violated the regulation at non-smoking areas.

    In the meantime, a psychiatrist at the Soeharto Heerdjan Mental Hospital in Jakarta, Dr Adhi Wibowo Nurhidayat, has stated that nicotine addiction is highly dangerous and is ranked third among narcotics, psychotropics, and addictive substances, after heroin and cocaine addiction.

    During a discussion forum in Jakarta on Wednesday, Nurhidayat remarked that addiction to nicotine, the substance contained in cigarettes, ranks after heroin and cocaine, but this is yet to be widely known to the public, and hence, it is not considered harmful.

    Narcotics, psychotropics, and addictive substances substanceswean awaydissuade