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  • Life in Germany

    I want to know how is the life in Germany. Especially as a college student, a foreigner or immigrant as well.

    I was quite surprised that college tuition is free in Germany. Is it hard to get into the university?

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    Hi. Yeah... kind of. There are usually fees of a sort, for the public transport ticket, etc. They will usually range from 200-500 Euro per semester.
    Note however, this covers only education, no accomodation or food. (Cheap) flats are very rare in larger university cities.
    In general, getting into university requires a high school degree accepted as equal to German Abitur degree. There are lists which international degrees are accepted. The universities' international offices are usually quite capable of counselling you there. If your degree is not accepted, there are pre-courses that may lead to acceptance, often.
    There are however courses that are so overrun that you have slim chances to get into, since not even all German (or EU country) applicants get a slot, namely medicine and dental medicine. There are some others, but probably more special courses.
    If you know what course interests you, contact a (or several) university and just ask whether you can apply. The international offices can have different names, but they should exist in all universities and since you speak English, you are an "easy case" for them.