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Looking for a native to practice German with me

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  • Looking for a native to practice German with me

    Hello guys and girls! I will leave this also in German branch hoping that someone would be interested in practicing German with me. Preferably a native speaker. I can offer a native Russian, a quite good English or even a humble Italian in exchange.
    At this point I can understand like 30-60% (depends on who is speaking) so I would like you to be patient with me. The good thing is that I learn fast and you don't need to go through all the basics with me.
    We can speak here or in Skype or in Whatsapp, half German, half Russian, or it's up to you. Feel free to PM me if you are interested.

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    I don't know if it is okay to mention here. But even I am learning German since 1,5 years and doing pretty good so far. Have already cleared B1 level exam. Now looking forward to give B2 exam in few months.
    It's not like I can't speak German but I am not much exposed to it because - First, not many people around me knows German. And second due to office I have time only on weekends to visit Language course and that's why, again not many people to practice it with.

    If you feel okay, we could practice it. Of course, I am not native speaker and that's why won't be able to correct you every time but we could probably practice it anyway.
    Don't wanna force you in anyway, but let me know if it seems okay to you or not.