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  • Experience with learning French

    I've been learning French now for like ages (Maybe 6 years), but I'm stuck in the same place and the same level for like 5 years now. I use Duolingo and finished the tree about 5 times and I started Duolingo stories too the moment they were created, but I still don't feel any progress made. Could you share your experience with learning French and tell us about good websites and new techniques to get better in the language?

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    Hello Sala,
    I can't tell you about learning french since it is my native language, but I can tell you that I have had the same experience learning italian or english. In fact it is quite usual to be stuck at some point when learning a new language. This is called a plateau I believe.

    One way to make progress could be to set an objective, for instance you could take a certification in french (there are two: the DELF and the DALF). A certification is a great way to prove your level in a language and it also gives some goal to reach, something to study for.
    An other way would be to look for podcasts in french or for youtubers who teach french via free videos. I have myself downloaded podcasts from the BBC and from italianoautomatico.
    You could also start reading in french to improve your vocabulary, try to find books with different levels of difficulty (they are usually based on the European framework (A1/A2 B1/B2 C1/C2) ).
    If you like grammar or literature you can try to take on more challenging subjects.
    You can research informations in french on subject or activities that you find interesting; let's say you enjoy cooking, well why not look for recipes in french ?
    Of course you can also look for a penpal or someone to make a language exchange with.

    The thing is, don't limit yourself to exercices on an app or in a workbook, get rid of the "fill in the blanks" exercices and think differently your approach to the language. You can only improve



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      I disagree with the idea of watching some people on Youtube, you can't realy on them and they could share bad use of the language, plus it won't be very effective...

      In my case, I would encourage you to practice your french aside learning with some course. Duolingo can be fine but it's only a support and not a main way to learn a language as you might have realized. In my case I have learned english on this website and on a forum about videogames mostly but did not have any course aside... Course give you the proper rules, the proper basis and the good tools, practice permit you to applies and to memorize better what you have learned from your courses.

      In addition, there are enough content in french on the internet once you get a certain level to do what Christophe31 suggested (french is one of the most represented language on internet). Don't be afraid to search an information, a movie, a video or anything in french. Basically, you can do it with your hobbies (btu don't search for anime because... well, the dub can be pretty lame, or the subtitles full of mistakes), reading, as it's one of your hobbies according to your profile is fine however, you even have the following websites to read in french (if you can access to them) :

      Also, don't be afraid to talk to French people, most of them would be very happy to help you to improve your french (even if they are stupids, and arrogants, and dumb, and ugly).
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