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I Need Help Speaking Esperanto

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  • I Need Help Speaking Esperanto

    Does anyone here speak Esperanto? I have just begun to learn it and I really want to talk to someone who speaks it because I really want to immerse myself in the language and I need more than just lessons on Duolingo...but I don't believe there is anyone here that does, which is unfortunate... If you speak Esperanto and are willing to help a beginner, please let me know. Thank you!

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    I guess I'm a few years late in responding, for I only joined a few days ago, but yes, I'm beginning to learn Esperanto, too.
    So far, what's working best are (a) the video courses at YouTube by "AmericanEsperantist"; and (b) the Esperanto course at Duolingo which is presently quite good!


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      If someone is interested in learning Esperanto, visit There are many lessons and many people who speak it.