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Does anyone contribute to language group threads on Interpals at all?

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  • Does anyone contribute to language group threads on Interpals at all?

    I'm looking at the language sections of the forums, and it seems pretty quiet.

    I mean other than the requests for X language help, the threads aren't doing much. And I wondered if there were any thread topics that people would like to contribute to or would be the kind of threads they'd comment on, if they saw them on here or in their language sections.

    For example, I'm surprised that there isn't a group help thread for anyone learning X language. There is also opportunity for there to be a story in X language thread, where in the other language, each person in the comments adds a sentence to the story line being written. For example:
    Comment 1: There was once a young boy called Jack, who lived in a bus.
    Comment 2: But he owned 5 dogs, so he would go to the forest everyday, until one day he met an old lady.
    Comment 3: The old lady had a glass eye, and a wooden leg, but she lost the leg so she sat on a bench.
    Comment 4:Then a hungry wolf came along and barked some magic words, and she turned into a crocodile.
    etc, you get the idea.

    Anyways, if anyone has any ideas, opinions or may know why that hasn't worked before, it would be great to hear.

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    I'm new to the forums so I don't know how it used to be here but it feels pretty quiet to me as well. But I don't know what can be done to make the language forums more active. I will be trying to post my questions or stuff I find interesting about languages here in the hope that native speakers will reply.


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      I guess it's more about communicating directly with native speakers, but as a beginner of languages, I find that an intimidating and difficult thing to do.

      I also find that the messages I get are from men who don't give a * about any language. They want to try and form friendships or something, which I find irritating and stupid. Like currently I have at least 8 messages to reply to, and none of them are from any of the countries I want to learn the languages of. Which is hilarious considering that a few days ago, I put a big part of my profile in Japanese. Though the breakthrough with that is that I've had TWO people view my profile from Japan. TWO. I feel blessed.

      So that's why I thought some kind of study group would be fun. Although I have found that learners tend to stay in their mother languages to speak in those groups....I just find it sad that these forums are so underused.


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        Well you're right; for a language learning website, the language forums are underused. But that shouldn't discourage you from learning Japanese. There are better places on the internet for that purpose that you can check out but I'm afraid it would count as advertising. I assume you know about those sites anyway as you're eager to learn some languages, do you? You said "as a beginner of languages," what else do you learn?