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HOW do you help someone learn a language via letters?

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  • HOW do you help someone learn a language via letters?

    I'm wondering how you "do" this language exchange in practice, with someone who lives far away...? I prefer to just write letters. Do you perhaps correct the person's letter ? Or how does it work? You could do other things too I bet.
    I would like to learn theory I should be able to help someone at least with their English but... How do you do it??
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    Hello, in my experience, especially in a messenger setting, it is important for problem areas to be targeted; for example, if you wanted help in comma usage. You would attempt to punctuate your sentences, and then, I, reading it, would highlight mistakes, like this: "I would like to learn Turkish, and in theory, I should be able to help someone, at least with their English, but how do you do it?" You would then read the corrected sentence and compare it to your own, and then, you would ask questions, if you had any.

    It is important to know the learner's strengths and weaknesses, and what they hope to gain. With most of my interpals, I don't nitpick every single mistake they make, but if they are serious about corrections, I will focus on critical mistakes first, and then, if they REALLY desire to know perfect English writing styles, I would help, but that is more like formal editing, which isn't very necessary; for, when I speak, I use slang, and I break my own English for effect.

    Ya know what I'm sayin?

    Words can be used like toys, but they are more like tools. It's all in how they are used.


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      I usually add a small paper with a bunch of useful words from a language that I master and that my penpal wants to improve or learn and that's it, I honestly don't think that exchanging letters is an effective way to learn a language, letters take quite sometime to arrive (Mr obvious hah).


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        I look at writing letters to learn a language as another kind of engagement. I am a Reader and Writer so the written language is more important to me. I think that is how I learned English in the first place. OK well, I am a native speaker, so hearing and using the language helped a lot. It's just that I have more opportunities to read other languages than I do speaking them. And being able to put my own thoughts into foreign words, also matters. I keep journals, so why not?

        I heard something a while ago about helping another person learn your language: what if this was a child? I recently had the experience of nannying a little girl from about four months old until seven years. I have all her first attempts at writing that she has given to me over that time. She wrote notes and I wrote notes back. I gave her both opportunity and good models.

        And yes, if there is something in particular that the writer wants to know more about, sure. Give feedback. Mostly, though, send good mail!