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  • Questions regarding Norway

    Hello Norwegian folks.
    I'm from Far East but I will be going to Norway for my job in September.
    I will be stationed in Aasta Hansteen but this is my 1st time going to Scandinavia and I don't have much information about this place yet since this damn lazy and insincere person who is supposed to answer me any questions related to this place hasn't answer me yet even after 2 weeks so I decided to ask native Norwegians since I might get clear answers from them.
    So here are my questions.

    1. I heard Aasta Hansteen is about 300km away from inland and it takes about 2 hours by ship or ferry. Does anyone know where the port is which operates the ship or ferry to Aasta Hansteen? Is it Bergen or somewhere else? Lastly does anyone know how often the ship or ferry operate between Aasta Hansteen and the connecting port at inland?

    2. How's the weather of Norwegian sea during winter? Is it as severe as Siberia during winter? and is it windy? I am planning to take my Canada Goose jacket and I am wondering if it will be good enough or I will need something even warmer than that.

    3. Lastly, do Norwegians have good knowledge of English in general like Dutch and Swedes? I have this feeling Norwegians probably do but I think I should learn the most basic and survival Norwegian words at least in order to make my life easier there and that's the respect I have whenever I am in a foreign sand.

    I wonder if anyone would ever reply to this but if anyone does (even if it's not a correct answer that I am seeking) then it will be greatly appreciated and I would like to say "Thanks" in advance.

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    1. It's one among numerous Norwegian oil and gas fields, and I doubt anyone besides the people working there know much about it.
    If you're going to be working there, then your employer should inform you. If he won't answer, how about talking to someone higher up?
    I doubt the ferry will be in Bergen. Did you try to google search for the platform?

    2. Can be calm and can be harsh. Dress appropriately in workwear, something your employer also should inform you on. How is Siberian winds during winter? But yeah it can get really windy.

    3. Yes, similar as the Dutch and Swedes in terms of knowledge and use of English. Younger generation more and older generation less as is expected.
    You can learn some of the language, although it isn't really necessary unless you plan to stay here for long (years).