In this post, I'd like to speak to and about the process of learning, especially the learning of another language.

Obviously, I don't have to tell anyone that languages become absorbed by the mind, and no one does it better than children; yet! It is the child's mind that does it best, and adults have the potential to open their minds to such learning potential; it is my belief.

So, that being said, for those of you interested in teaching Polish or having others learn Polish, you should know some teaching techniques that I have witnessed or, rather, experienced.

Situational: When faced with a situation, the mind experiences an alertness, which depends on the gravity of the situation and its particular circumstances, and with the inclusion of any and each sense, that experience heightens, which is why I believe children absorb, so well, what we say. Also, this is why being immersed in a society, i.e., Poland, speaking the target language, in this case, Polish, is the best way for adults to learn. Like the old saying, sink or swim, and for survival's sake, one will learn to swim or die trying.

BUT, since I cannot be home and in Poland at the same time, I am here, on the internet, with native Polish speakers, which is a close 2nd or maybe 3rd. So, for myself and perhaps others, it would be useful to role-play situations for greater learning opportunities. Obviously, this will take more effort than the simple messaging back and forth because it will be like acting, but if anyone is interested in trying, then, for improving one's own English, I would be happy to oblige.

The short version: Let's play pretend. If you want, message me about it. Or post here.

Also, I don't mind talking about everything I've said here if anyone is an advanced English speaker and wants to debate education and such.