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"Tu" vs "Você "?

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  • "Tu" vs "Você "?


    I'm a total novice so from what i've learnt is that the word "Você" sounds rude in European Portugese but acceptable in Brazilian Portuguese.

    Still figuring out informal vs formal speech. I assume certain words are fine when using them among family and friends but certain words are not ok when in public. Is this how it's meant to be?

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    On the opposite, in the Brazilian Portuguese you only use "Você" in the European Portuguese, you have the 2 words, "Tu" is used in a informal conversation and "Você" is used in a formal conversation, so it doesn't sound rude at all but is actually the opposite, if you use "você" in a conversation it means you respect that person (like an elderly person, or someone you don't know very well), usually after you get to know someone better you can swap from the "Você" too "Tu"

    Final note, is completely fine whatever word you use (or type of conversation you adopt: formal or informal) when you talk to a Portuguese from Portugal if you are a foreigner, we even like it if you use the informal way, it shows that you care enough to know that you did not learn only the Portuguese from Brazil.
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      "Você" is (was in Brazil) a honorific. It's the modern form of "a vossa mercê". Thank to that, you use it in the third person. Seems complicated but it's really usefull in Brazil. You can use the second and third person only applying verbs in the third person. The second person form (pronouns and verbs) is really dying in Brazilian Portuguese.

      "Tu" is common in southern states of Brazil (thanks the italian influence) and in the state of Maranhão (I have no idea why); however, "Você" is still the rule, especially in the main cities.

      Don't use the honorific "Senhor/Senhora" (Sir/Madame) in Brazil. It's an old term used to parents and elder people. Traditional groups apreciate it, but another groups believe that you are calling them ancients. You may listen a nice joke asking to call "você" or things.
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