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3 tipos de "R" em portugues

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  • 3 tipos de "R" em portugues

    faz 1 ano que eu aprendendo portugues, ja vi muinto videos, ouvi muintos dialetos, e percebi que os brasileiros usam 3 tipos de "R":

    1. como em espanhol
    2. como em frances
    3. como em ingles

    (percebi que o segundo tipo e mais geralmente por maioria brasileiros)

    Pode me alguem explicar onde esos tipos sao usados?

    (desculpe me por meu mal portugues)

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    Well, maybe you should forget the French "r". This letter in Brazilian Portuguese has two sounds:

    - "r" of "rato","rei" and "honra";
    - "r" of "arara", "marido" and "caro".

    The first "r" sounds like the "h" in English language, especially the British English: clear and fast. Like when you breathe out quickly.

    So, the sound of "r" in "rato, roupa, rei e rio" is similar to "h" in "hi, he, have and hazardous". Even when there is a double "r", the sound is still short and you will recite each "r" separately.

    For example, you don't talk "carro" as one sound. You will say "car-" and then "-ro" with a more clear second "r".

    "Car-ro", "Ter-ra", "Ca-chor-ro".

    That's why I think you shouldn't compare the French sound with the Brazilian Portuguese sound. The long sound of French does not exist in Brazilian Portuguese.

    About the second "r", it is the same of Spanish "r" in "corazón" and English "r" in "rat". It's not stronger like the spanish double "r" in "cachorro".


    Good luck!

    EDIT: Great video:

    It's about Brazilian mistakes when we speak English but also it metions a lot of details of Brazilian Portuguese including the "r" sound.
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