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  • We are going to Slovenia

    Hello, I need an advice of native Slovenian people. We are going to visit Slovenia in April 2015. Please, tell me how can we get to Maribor from Heviz. By train or by bus. We attempted to find information on web bud could not.

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    Hello I am originaly from Slovenia At the moment I cant tell you when the trsin is coming becouse at the moment is the time when they change their schedules. But I know for sure there is train from Budapest( it stops also in Veszprem) and go to Murska Sobota and then Celje and the last station Ljubljana( capital city). So It would be best option to go down in Celje and go on another train to Maribor.. But there are also some new trains with direct line from Budapest to Maribor, but I can tell you more on January 2015 at the moment they have weird schedule with the train becouse of the holidays


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      hello Monika


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        hello folks!