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Anyone interested in snail mail?

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  • Anyone interested in snail mail?

    I have always been very interested in Swedish culture, so I thought that having a friend from Sweden would be very great. I also like the idea of snail mailing: writing real letters to each other, maybe exchanging some stuff like books and stationery, I think it's a fun thing to do. Besides, I am learning Swedish right now and will need some practice in this language later, so we could try and talk Swedish in our letters after a few months
    So PM me if you are looking for a snail mail pen pal too!

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    This is a good idea! I am also learning Swedish and would like to start writing in the language as well as speaking it fluently. When I read it I can pick out some words and form the sentences to understand lol. It's relly cool when you can actually understand some paragraphs