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Looking for Swedish pen pal! (Online or Snail Mail)

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  • Looking for Swedish pen pal! (Online or Snail Mail)


    My name is Angie and I live in Puerto Rico, a beautiful, tiny island in the Caribbean.
    My sister moved to Sweden two years ago, and has since gotten married to a very nice Swedish man and had a beautiful baby girl.
    I'm going to be visiting Sweden more often now, as I now have a permanent connection to this wonderful country. I want to be able to communicate with my brother-in-law in his native language, as he is also trying to learn my native language, which is Spanish.
    I'd love to meet someone who could help me practice the language, and also teach me about Swedish culture. When I visit, there will be times where I will be doing a bit of exploring by myself, so i'd love to learn more about the entire country, but mostly about Stockholm which is where they live.

    I'm a native Spanish and English speaker, so if you want to practice any of these languages, or if you want to learn a little about Puerto Rico, i'd love to be of assistance to you as well!

    I'm very much looking forward for correspondence through here, or through "snail mail". Whichever your prefer.

    I look foward to meeting the wonderful people of Sweden!

    - Angie