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Decommissioning the chat room

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  • Decommissioning the chat room

    Hey all,

    We'll be taking the chat room offline within the next week or so. This decision has been a long time coming and is necessary as we reconfigure our site to allow bigger (and exciting!) changes down the road.

    Sorry! I know many of you have enjoyed this feature over the years. That said, if you know of 3rd-party chat sites on which we could create an "InterPals" room and link to it temporarily, we'd be happy to do that. Let us know via the feedback form.

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    YES! Finally! /throws a gigantic party/ That's amazing! I feel so excited already! Too bad it didn't happen back in 2010. I would have loved to see all the complainers whine and yell bloody murder. Though thanks to the new mod crew, all those... Oops, never mind.

    I think some people mentioned something about IIRC. No idea how that works. Is that like MIRC?

    Anyhow, if you don't mind people using more than just text chat, syncing a TeamSpeak3 widget to the site might be one thing. Hmm, I guess I should message the suggestions in the Feedback form...
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      Can't get the feedback form to work. Was going to suggest having a look at


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        I personally would like the chat to stay since it's my go to place on here, however if there are new changes coming it better be a better chat client since java-based chats aren't that great. I'm not too familiar with other chat client services but maybe an irc would be good


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          I'm disappointed that this announcement isn't site-wide, since not everyone uses the forum. I'm also sad to see chat go. Especially with "down the road" being the improvements. No timetable is pretty vague.


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            This makes me more than a little heartbroken, even though I haven't really used chat in the last few months (major personal issues have made it hard for me) but this place has been my life for many many years. (and Lee... you little sneak!!! you know you loved having me on your chat mod team back in the day hahaha)


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              Great having to read this news first on a users facebook. Thanks for informing us chat mods.


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                Chat would to be much more popular if it was based on flash player app, but it was on java and no wonder it wasn't popular. I hope chat will come back with new features like working not only on pc, app for iphone and android, video chats and etc


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                  I would advise you guys to take a tutorial in angle js, in about an hour you can make a functional chat, I am assuming in a couple of days you could jave the integrations with user profiles and stuff done.


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                    Jagga, like Roman said, best to stay away from java. It keeps having issues after updates. And since recently, a lot of trouble with chrome.
                    Angle js looks good though.


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                      Make a room on paltalk, it has to be downloaded as a messenger service though.


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                        It's a shame knowing that the best part of InterPals will be decommissioned
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                          I have seen a good chat room used in a games forum. No idea what they used though. It isnt Java.
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                            waz up here


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                              Hi there, I'm really happy to read that you finally decided to bring Changes to the Chat Software. To be honest it's not really state of the Art using Java as a Basic for Chat communication Software nowadays.
                              Actually I don't write anything in your Forum but this was a reasonable Situation to communicate with the Community and the responsible Instances of this Site.

                              I've been around on the IP Chat for quiet a long time and I been a lot around on the Chat on IP. So I can feel free to say that I have enough experience about that software and the frequent people who are visiting the Chat daily.
                              ( I'm not the only one with that experience btw.).

                              So far and this is my humble Feedback to you and to the IP decision makers this is looking, feeling and possibly IS an ancient piece of third party software you are using. I'm quiet sure you are aware of that too. I love what you build up here on this site and the philosophy to give the people in the world the Chance to connect to each other on any possible way, even If I dislike the Design the non responsivness nor the non native app abilitys (not official at least or not proper working).

                              I agree on jagga about evaluating Angle.JS to Develope possibly your own Chatsoftware. However you should evaluate too your decision on taking another Third Party Software or building and intigrating your own Chatsoftware from Scratch (which isn't a big deal nowadays) on the basis of your Community, the Data and Traffic you gathered and the User Experiences of the people certain groups using on your Site (with Surveys or asking possibly your staff members).

                              You rather could too consider using the Power of you Community (if it's the lack of manpower you have) to get task groups of people who would love to participate with you on this Oddysey to get a better userfriendly performance strong Chat application with adaptive responsiveness and community satisfying features on the Road.

                              Please consider those words as an Idea about what you could do positive here to this lovely Community and excuse my mistakes I wrote down here (my english is not the best as you possibly already figured out )

                              I just can tell that I experienced good Things on the Chat with people from all over the World but not about the Software you are using :P

                              It would be great to have further global Announcments about your decisions on that Point.

                              Sorry for the long post here is a potato o <--- potato !