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InterPals App (iOS and Android) Beta Testing

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  • InterPals App (iOS and Android) Beta Testing

    Hi All!

    We're pleased to announce that our app is currently available for beta testing on both Android and iOS. This is still an early version, so it is not feature-complete and there will be bugs. (You've been warned!)

    However, if you're willing to give it a shot, we'd love to hear what you think so far!

    Android instructions:

    Join this group on Google Plus:

    Agree to testing:

    Download the app here:

    iOS Instructions:

    Download the TestFlight app in the App Store

    Open this link in your mobile browser:

    Check your email - you should receive an email from Apple with a code. Open TestFlight, choose Redeem, and enter the code. That's it, the InterPals app should start downloading.

    Happy Testing!

    Antonio & InterPals Team
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    Best news ever. I'll give it a try


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      So the web-base chat is gone forever ? I am kind of miss it.


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        "there will be bugs. (You've been warned!)"

        Does that include possible security flaws?


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          Is there any way to contribute? Is it open source?


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            do you have any project management systems or issue ticketing for bugs

            how else can one report bugs and know what bugs already exist in order to avoid reporting known issues?

            ...the silence is deafening
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              - Web based chat: (Nano-Man)
              If you mean the flash/java chat room that existed up until a few years ago, then that's correct, we do not plan to bring this back at this time, sorry!

              - Contribution/open source: (fabrizio_7)
              It's not open source, so the easiest way to contribute is simply by reporting issues to us. However, we're always hiring and you can also send us your resume to [email protected] if you're interested in joining the team!
              - Security flaws: (MuffinMonster)
              Yes, there could potentially be security flaws, but this is not very likely.

              - Issue tracking:
              We have an internal issue tracker where we log these items. A public one is a good idea, thanks for bringing that up. For now, if there are many bugs that you encounter, you might consider first reporting the issues that bother you the most or appear the most serious (but we'd love to hear about all of what you find). Likewise, if other people report the same issue(s) as you do, we can adjust their priority and fix it sooner.


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                  Pretty cool.


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                    hello, i am android dev from VietNam


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                      The app looks great. However, on my Android phone, I'm finding that it often freezes up if I do a manual refresh, and I have to shut down and restart the app.


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                        The Ios app is fairly smooth, though it can definitely use some interface upgrade like being able to access forums and picture uploading. Though I understand it is still in the testing phase.


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                          can't wait for an app version!


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                            Great news, i'm gonna try it for sure! But a question: i don't know who's responsibility would it be, but it is possible to develop the webpage's software? sometimes it's really slow or makes bugs


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                              Originally posted by antonio View Post
                              Hi All!
                              there will be bugs
                              So it'll be just like this site.