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    I am looking for Agatha Christie's fans :-)
    Please send me a pm. Thank you!

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    If we are talking Agatha Christie, personally, I can't wait to see the version of The Murder On Orient Express. The cast is marvelous - and every filmed version I've seen I enjoyed immensely. Yes, I know how it ends - but watching it get there is half the fun. (I also know how "Vertigo" ends, but that doesn't stop me from rewatching it at every oppotunity!The one Agatha Christie which I can find no mention of anywhere being filmed, is the longest running theatrical play in history - "The Mousetrap," which is a rousing good thriller and would make a film as tense and suspenseful as "Wait Until Dark!"I've read most of Ms. Christie's books (I'm writing lots of books reviews for and ), and seen as many of the filmed versions as I have been able, and frankly, I prefer the films!