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Scientists discover ice-seven on earth (for Vonnegut fans)

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  • Scientists discover ice-seven on earth (for Vonnegut fans)

    "A group of researchers led by Oliver Tschauner, a professor of geoscience from the University of Nevada, have discovered a form of super-dense ice known as ice-VII on Earth for the first time. Though ice-VII was known to form in space, and may make up much of ice worlds like Europa, it had only been created in lab conditions on Earth. Tschauner and colleagues findings were published today in Science."

    I had no idea Vonnegut was basing that theme in Cat's Cradle on that much science reality.

    It stands to reason ice from water could form different crystal structures under vastly different conditions but I just never knew the details.

    Ice 9 still isn't real but that makes the idea even more cool, to me.

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    Great article, thanks for the heads up!