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Popular Literature in other laungauges?

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  • Popular Literature in other laungauges?

    Looking to read some popular literature in my target laungauges (German, Italian, Polish, French, Japanese, or Russian. Mainly German since that's the one I'm most experienced in). Mainly looking for fiction (fantasy, Historical-fiction, ect). Doesn't have to be popular either. I'm broke as a joke so I'll have to do some PDF hunting.
    So yeah...Recommend me some stuff!
    Thanks lovelies~

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    The Cherry Orchard) for Russian. for English.

    i've been meaning to read a couple books by Dostoyevsky: The Brothers Karamazov and Notes from Underground. if i understand correctly, they are existential books. if you decide to read them, i suggest you study existentialism first. i read Camus when i was younger, and i missed so much in his books because i didnt study existentialism. You can read Camus and Sartre in french)

    there is a polish book i have been meaning to read: solaris by Stanisław Lem. i noticed a few people note that they read it on their profile.

    also, i have some russian friends that use a website called Library Genesis to find ebooks online. i wouldnt download from it without using a VPN or Tor tho
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      Solaris is a very good book, I read it couple of years ago I'm not a big fan of science - fiction books but it was a pleasure reading this one