Top o' the day to you, reader. I wrote this poem replete with alliterations shortly after I had returned from my holiday in Sicily, around which I bicycled.

Sicily - 2019

Swaddled in sweet salty smell
And fragrant, florid flowers,
On roaming rugged roads I dwell
Betwixt the beauteous bowers.

The steel-steed steadfast sties steep,
Which warmeth the wind within,
And holds heaves of heart in a heap,
Giving a great goosefleshy grin.

Lo! on this lush, lore-laden land
Six Sicel spires sudden stand!

Heyday! How heated the haste
Wherewith flinging footfalls fly
That the toothful triumphant taste
My mazement's mad maw mollify.

While no grains can his guts grudge,
Down a dale drives my dobbin
With no need now for me to nudge
But to embosom the bobbin’:

‘Tis the sinews of mine elan
Pushing the pedals on and on.

Parma, 21/05/2019