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Could you help me with my bachelor thesis?

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  • Could you help me with my bachelor thesis?

    Hi, everyone! My name is Lera and I am a future linguist. Right now I'm writing my diploma paper and I need some help. I carry out some research and I need people to answer some questions.
    I look for native English speakers who learn Russian. Your level should be at least intermediate, otherwise it will be very dificult.
    I hope to find some help here! Thank you all in advance!

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    Here are the most commonly learned languages in the USA.

    Russian is very low on that list. I think you are going to have trouble finding people to fill out this survey.

    I took one semester of Russian in college where I work. I took it twice, and I really do not remember anything.

    I am now taking Spanish, And we will go to Costa Rica in a week. so I Will get a chance to use it.

    Sorry. But good luck.

    dr. Darrell of Michigan.


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      Originally posted by Blueberry0308
      I could help you too. I am writing a Master Thesis now. I know how it's hard. I have to finish it up to 11 March. I am so nervous. I even used website so they proofread it. I have to make a presentation and I am free
      How about actually writing your own thesis proposal instead of using a spammed web site

      It does seem evident and obvious that you have not actually read the OP when spamming the above shit.

      If you are spamming such shit and can't even understand the basics of what the OP is saying, then how in the hell could we trust the spammed shit you have in that post to write an accurate thesis proposal


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        Originally posted by Blueberry0308
        1st it's not spamming, 2nd i suggest to try proofreading service 'cause many students have problems with it, esp foreign students
        Did you read the OP?

        Recommending a website after paying business that is completely off-topic... what can I say tst tsk tsk.


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          Originally posted by Blueberry0308
          she is writing diploma and as you probably know it's hard, and that website suggests many tips and examples, moreover why it's bother u at all?

          Because you're a filthy spammer and online you are seen as the lowest of the low of social media platforms.