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  • Question about programming language

    Best Programming Language to Learn in this year ?

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    What do you want to do with it?


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      No, actually, C is not the best choice for beginners. If you want to learn modern, elegant programming, maybe Java could be a the right one.
      Niin, łell, äkschly...


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        ​It all starts with the theory of formal grammars. ​ To design the desired language and translator (the interpreter and/or compiler) for you.

        Programming language for training purposes is Pascal (Delphi).

        I like the Forth system (lower level - core) and Ada (the upper level) for embedded system. These languages are already gone. But Ada is the most perfect programming language.
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          What exactly do you wanna construct and what kind of background do you have about programming ?


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            It leads to the ability to solve problems of structural decomposition, abstraction, specification .. that is the understanding of programming methodology. Delphi is fine for learning. Available, a lot of textbooks.
            Do not pursue novelty. Use Windows XP and Borland Delphi 3.02 Client / Server Suite ... in free access ... there will be fewer problems (work with tools, work with a serial interface, ... ). In some cases you enough Borland Turbo Pascal 7 ( ... in a more free access). I do not do programming professionally, it is the board of enthusiast (amateur).

            In no case do not buy the software for training purposes ... You are not ripe yet. Just a stupid question. "Best Programming Language to Learn in this year?" ... still assembly language!
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              Your question is very ambiguous since there is no such thing as "best programming language". The advice I can give you is to learn a native language with a widely recognized syntax like C++. Don't get yourself tangled into the huge mess of scriptkiddie languages thinking that you will make it easier for yourself, it doesn't work like that. Learn at least the basics of Assembly, that's the only true programming language there is, not because it's easy, not because it's elegant but because it's reality. That's how computers really work. If you don't know even the very basics of assembly and instructions then you're not a programmer.


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                As the other guy said, there is no thing as "Best programming language", I'm just a junior but started with Javascript then moved to C# and a little bit of Java, now we use PHP and Javascript at work but personally C# was the easiest to me, as I said, I'm just a junior programmer so don't pay attention of what I'm saying, it also depends of what you want to do.


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                  You asking a wrong question. Language is just a tool to create something you want to or need to. You need to ask youself what do you want to create or what king of programmer you want to be. And after that google what tools this kind of programmers use. I am an Adnroid developer and as I said, firstly I decided that i want to be a mobile apps developer, then choose a platfom and rest choices been made for me automatically.
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