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Augmented Reality in Education

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  • Augmented Reality in Education

    Just want to introduce myself, I am writing a Masters on Augmented Reality and its impact on education, its evolution and how in the future it will be utilized. The first section is the annoying and nagging part-primary research, so its online surveys. questioning attitudes to the technology, that includes demographic and psychographic data collected to build a persona, their pain points, their needs etc as a teacher. This will greatly benefit study in the area and answers collected are 100% anonymous
    Also, the aim of this post is not to just get a survey completed, I hope to start and foster an online discussion about AR, its impact on education and the future of education involving the technology

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      Although I haven't personally made one, I've only ever seen the use of AR in video game development. But, I would be interested in knowing some examples of AR being used for education. Any specific usages or apps you can mention?


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