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High Education in Russia

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    Originally posted by T_Orionis View Post
    Barrack Obama was president of one of the most powerful countries in the world. Of course you can like him or be his political opponent, but.... who the fuck are you to say, that he is stupid?

    President of the USA < man who has cat on profile photo and write posts to show how cool he isn't
    There is not one word on stupidity of Obama in my publication. Think twice if you really want to be smarter than Obama, former president of the USA ... since current one sucks (marionette), too.

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      why do you want to study in Russia?


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        I have 2 friends: 2 years ago they entered medical school in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. Studying there for a fee. Training costs about $ 5,000 a year. You need to study 5-6 years. Now in Russia there is a restructuring of the education system: universities unite, dismissed University teachers, cut funding for higher education, etc.In addition, the diploma of the Russian medical University is recognized only in a few countries. You can't work in Europe or America. If you have a choice, look at universities in Germany. There higher education is cheap.