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    For those who already graduated or are still in college/university, why did you choose your major/minor? When did you know that was what you wanted to study? Are you happy with what you chose? Would you have chosen something different?
    As someone who is about to go to college these questions eat me inside.

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    I chose my career because I liked it and was good enough with numbers. You know it's your desired career when you can see yourself working in it.
    As someone who is currently on her third year, I can speak for most when I tell you that you will want to change your career. We've been sold that you need to sto study what you're good at and that if you love something you will be good at it... LIES. You will want to change your major every time you go through hard times but at the end of the semester, you always end up talking how much you loved the semester and how much you love your career. So yeah I can say that even though I'm not 100% happy with my choice, I would never change it.


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      ‚ÄčTruly say my major was law at the university. But now I do not work on my occupation, because I need to get licence for it. Studying was funny and interesting. But I was not so big expert in writing thesis and essays. So, I used some help with writing them.


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        Don't worry so much about your major right now. You can always switch if you find your first choice isn't what you thought. My first go-around at university, I had a Computer Systems Engineering major. While I still like prigramming, I don't like the formality it required.

        Next I chose Operations Research because I thought mathematical optimization was fascinating. I took a finance class as part of the business school requirements. That was also something intriguing so I double-majored.

        So now do I use those degrees years afterwards in my job? Not really. I still write some computer code, but more often, I provide tech assistance to engineers at the office and I see things through a mathematical point of view.

        Just go with your instincts of what you find interesting. You will find that the world of work is more flexible than you now think.

        Good luck!