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Why have men historically married younger women?

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  • Why have men historically married younger women?

    Why have men historically married younger women? First of, have we? Why? Why not? Is this behavior driven by science or culture, or simply statistics?

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    Why are you copying questions from Quora with the exact text?
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      Originally posted by Ricemonster View Post
      Why are you copying questions from Quora with the exact text?
      because he is a troll obsessed with women Maybe some bitch dumped him and here you go lol...


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        I think he never reads the answers at all
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          Странные тут люди..


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            Originally posted by AEddy View Post
            Why have men historically married younger women? First of, have we? Why? Why not? Is this behavior driven by science or culture, or simply statistics?
            Why have women married older men?

            ​Men, genetically, are programmed to look for a woman who looks most likely to give birth to healthy offspring. Women are at the zenith of their physical development at a much younger age than men. Moreover, they tend to reach mental maturity at a younger age than men.
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              I think, when you love somebody, the age doesn't matter. For example, I'm 1 year older than my husband
              The 10 years difference isn't a big deal. And even more - look at president of France.


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                I think it is more a social construct. Traditionally women were supposed to look after the house and raise kids. Men were supposed to provide for those kids. Technically you can conceive at like 12 years old. But you will need some time to have the financial means to provide for a family. This is a thing often seen in history. For example, people in the 17th century tended to marry later than their ancestors a century earlier. The reason was that there were a lot of wars, famines and such going on, making it more difficult to have a financial situation in which you could raise children. So people decided to wait to get married.
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                  for the sex. always for the sex


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                    This is not a rule, but just the average and most common. Men getting married with older women are not super rare and they have existed, from Muhammad to Macron. And it is not just historically, it's nowadays as well in all countries.

                    Traditionally the marriageable age, or suitable age to get married, was different for both genders.

                    The Catholic Church claimed that weddings where the groom was under the 14 or the bride 12 were completely unacceptable. Some cultures claimed that girls could marry as soon as they had menstruation while the male requirements were more complicated. Men could have the requirements and still delay a lot to marry.

                    In Christian European societies parents considered that their male son was important and helpful, but daughters were only an useless expense. Women were never considered to become true adults, they were helpless humans who always required someone to take care of them, first the father and later the husband. Parents wanted to get ride of their daughter as soon as it was possible and to do so they had to pay a man to convince him to marry/adopt their daughter. Yet these parents would consider a too young boy not ready for this responsibility.

                    The stories of grandpas marrying teenagers always existed, but they have never been common. Also people should avoid looking at kings marriages to imagine how peasants married, it was simply different and with less extreme situations. Royal marriages were all about diplomacy and raising a heir. During most of history peasants and simple people preferred to get marry in their late teens or their twenties with only a small gender gap. This gap had nothing to do with women fertility. 20 or 25 years old women were and are perfectly fertile. Men took younger men because the smaller number of brides in their own age

                    Human women suffered extremely fatality ratios with childbirth since prehistory until the last two centuries. Many men lost their wife when they were just in their twenties or thirties and she was giving birth her second or third child. Many of these men decided to marry again reducing more the number of available women.

                    In modern western societies this has changed. Having children isn't a big risk anymore and women decide alone who they want to marry and when. And they still prefer to marry older men because money.
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