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Having Trouble making friends here

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  • Having Trouble making friends here

    I've been here for around a year I think and no real friendship has really spouted here. There's people I talk to, but they're more like acquaintances to me. I have alot of energy but virtually no one to talk to or share that with. What should I do? Should I try another site or something? I'm not really good at approaching people, I usually wait for someone to message me, which hasn't happened in like an eternity...

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    No matter where you go you’re going to have trouble if you’re just waiting for people to come to you.


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      Ah, another one of these threads


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        Developing a bond with someone takes time. If I was you, I would not push it.


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          When people here said they waited for messages..then i tried talking to them..finally they left me talking with others


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            Originally posted by Ayunaren View Post
            When people here said they waited for messages..then i tried talking to them..finally they left me talking with others
            You could message me, I almost always reply (watch the word almost, lol j/k)


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              I kinda glanced over your profile. I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but you are very young. Interpals lately has turned more into a dating site than a friend site. People only want to message people who have an actual pic of themselves and are 18+

              Also, there are a very large number of people on this site who are very close-minded and don't accept anyone who is transgender, which you are. It's a real shame that tumblr is going down the toilet this month because you would have a better chance with getting friends on a site like that because there's a lot of 1) open-minded people and 2) trans people on the site.

              I do hope though you enjoy your time on the site though!! :3


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                Somehow I missed passing on useful advice on how to make friend on here. I'll address this other tangent instead, about the decline of Tumblr.

                I hadn't heard about it; I've not messed around with Tumblr in many years. Apparently (from reading around a little) it's not going away, just trying to clean up pornography there. That was the best part of it too. Here's more, about an unrelated side-effect:


                A “furry” is not just someone who enjoys dressing up as a cartoon animal — it’s someone who belongs to a community rooted in a love for anthropomorphic characters...

                The same day as the guidelines were issued, Tumblr users reported that the “furry” hashtag was completely scrubbed of content...

                The furry community is easily stereotyped as a deviant kink scene for people interested in roleplaying and dressing up as animals during sex, by people who aren’t familiar with the furry community. Animal roleplay or petplay is a variant of BDSM practice, of course, but the two communities rarely converge — which is not to deny that the furry kink scene exists...

                So apparently Tumblr is stepping on some toes and including broader house-cleaning in an effort to get rid of porn.

                As to the original question, how to make friends on Interpals, you've got me. I talk to one guy here and that seemed to be a fluke. This discussion section isn't worth spending that much time on either.