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Lets be anonymous friend!

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  • Lets be anonymous friend!

    Do you have hard time to make friends (online or offline)?
    Or do you have topic that very sensitive to talk about?
    or you are hesitate to share your story with someone?
    Then you are just like me.

    Im kinda pulling myself out of the society. I have kinda trust issue.
    But at the same time, i also felt kinda lonely. Those who seems close are fake.
    Those who are real close friends are busy. Im scared to tell my story to someone that i dont really close with.
    it makes me more anxious to share or talk about my problem to just anybody that i know in my real life

    If you feel the same, then lets be anonymous friend~
    we can talk about anything without knowing your /my real identity.
    we can share our own story without scared being exposed or smth
    If you want to try you can send me DM and lets chat

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      Hii, me too! I feel same.. if you want to tell your story, we can sharing our story.. i will happy can listen of course! We can be friend