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  • Chanterelle casserole.

    300g chopped beef and pork meat or chopped not too spicy pork/beef sausage
    2 big onions
    300-400g mushroom frozen/fresh Chanterelles, Champignon or other edible wild mushroom
    200ml sweet cream
    30g butter
    100-150g Fettuccine or Farfalle pasta (flat and not so soft after cooking)
    100-150g Masdam or Emental cheese
    2 TL (Table spoons) Champignon soup powder
    salt and pepper

    roast meat/sausage together with onions in butter (not too hot and too long, it goes later into over) add mushrooms (wash them short with lot of cold water to remove sand if necessary), add sweet cream and 2TL Champignon soup. Don't cook it for too long, mushrooms lose their taste after too much heat. Add salt and pepper, but be aware that noodles, cheese and sausage have salt inside them, so be careful with salt. Don't add seasoning sauces or other spices into the gravy, glutamates and other taste amplifiers contained in those spices neutralize taste of mushrooms.

    Cook noodles very al dente. Add those half cooked noodles into the mushroom gravy and let them absorb the fluid some minutes long.

    Take a lasagna form make one layer with 50% pasta/gravy mix and give half grated cheese about it, make a new layer and add the rest of cheese.
    Put that all into the oven and back it 13-18 min. by 160-180C degree. ( not too long, otherwise the cheese on the top becomes hard)

    Enjoy a tasty dinner with you beloved one

    PS: The mushroom sweet cream gravy without noodles makes a good addition to potatoes with steak or schnitzel as well


    • Tacos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • I'm from the northeast Brazil and at dinner I like :
        Arroz doce etc.