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Siberian herbs - good health from Nature itself

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  • Siberian herbs - good health from Nature itself

    Siberian herbs - good health from Nature itself
    Today’s poor environment and intensive rhythm of life lead to quick fatigue and loss of strength. People are looking for salvation in the morning coffee and the wonders of pharmaceutics. However, the solution to the problem can be much closer. Many plants have the same properties as drugs, improving the condition of the body. Besides, they are natural, not addictive and almost have no contraindications.

    The people seeking for a healthy lifestyle prefer to maintain health by natural means - herbs. The website offers several longstanding recipes created in the days of ancient Russia.

    Siberian herbs – the ones used for treatment by monks

    The cenobites from the northern Russian monasteries widely used the healing properties of herbs. To gain strength for night prayers, life in the severe climate, protection of their monasteries from foes’ attacks, they created a special herbal blend with unique properties. Later, it became known as the first invigorating Monastery Tea.

    Sorts of the Monastery Tea

    The tea of general action was followed by other compositions aimed at solving various problems and help in diseases. These are some of them: a tea for weight loss, blends against parasites, diabetes, hypertension, pancreatitis, prostatitis, psoriasis, allergy, mastopathy, healing teas for liver, kidney, stomach, blood vessels, lungs and bronchial tubes, drinks to prevent alcoholism and smoking, to strengthen joints and treat osteochondrosis, to improve vision, women's health, an antitumor tea and others.

    What is the secret of the Monastery Tea?

    The component herbs are collected in ecologically clean places and correctly dried - it allows retaining all their healing properties. Every plant has properties of its own:

    Marjoram calms and reduces pain, helping to cope with stress. St. John's wort protects against colds and seasonal illnesses, strengthens the gums, heals the liver. Hawthorn improves the functioning of the heart, contributes to cholesterol decrease in the blood, makes blood vessels stronger. Meadowsweet eliminates headache, removes toxins from the body. Please, remember - this is only a small part of the rich salutary blend proposed in these teas.

    The composition and proportion of the herbs in the Monastery Teas have been tested trough centuries and studied by modern doctors, who gave very positive assessments.

    The Monastery Tea is an authentic Russian way to get health from nature!

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    DennyFab, монастырский чай это здорово. Вам платят за рекламу?


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      did you try it SnowMiracle? Any positive results?


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        I adore Hawthorn bushes


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          This is so great. Did you got any positive result from this?