This is a very unique recipy devised by a famous doctor that used to live in our city back in a long ago day.
It’s for “strengthing immunity”
the recipey (Grind and mix them all together. Mix and grind them like you mean it. Like there's no tomorrow grind'n'mix):
Raisin (100 gram)
dried apricot ( 100 gram)
a dried plum (100 gram)
Deez nutz (100 gram)
dried cranberry (Optional) (100 gram)
Also, for eyes, a plus inridient, leaves of aloe (100 gram) put them in the fridge part were fruits and vegetables are (temperature + 5) for ten days, then grind them together with other ingridients.
A special honey that only can be collected from... Nah, just joking, ordinary honey , too 100 gram, and one yellow lemon also known as lemon common